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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hello and welcome to my (first) blog!

 I have been sewing for about 2 years (fanatically i might add) and it has become my one and only hobby! I love doing all things related to handwork (aka knitting, crocheting, making soap and creams, mosaic, playing with polymer clay etc etc!) but sewing is.. ooh so much fun and so rewarding!

I use all kinds of magazines and patterns that I can get my hands to that attract my attention. But I gotta say that I am a big fan of Knipmode ( a sewing magazine available, as far as I know, in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany ), Lutterloh and Simplicity.

Now, if you don't know Lutterloh, it is a pattern making system that allows you to easily combine your measurements into one pattern. ( I'm sensing that I'll get into explaining and showing it a bit later on! ).

When it comes to fabrics, I love spending as little as possible even if it is ( and it mostly is! ) fabrics from previous seasons. I really like fabrics with all kinds of patterns and I find single colored fabrics an evil necessity, they're kinda boring, right?

All that said, I'm gonna be sharing with you my process of making garments and of coarse the finished items!


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