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Saturday, February 24, 2018

Maya bra: attempt number 3. Third time is a charm, or not...

So, I barely know what I'm doing and I'm already addicted to bra making 😂.

Since I'm out of bra making supplies I figured: what better place to find anything I want and need than in Amsterdam! Do you want to be overwhelmed by the amount of lace and huge color range of elastics? Kantjeboord is the place to be! 👀 I don't think there is 1 thing when it comes to lingerie and bra making that they don't have! Long story short, I ended up spending about 2 and a half hours in the store, buying many goodies!

I put together 4 bra sets and also got some extra elastics e.t.c.

The following day, thinking I've got a good fit already with my previous bra (well, the idea was there), I grabbed one of my kits and make another one!😁

I got my Maya pattern again and made a few adjustments to the bridge: I shortened it 1,5 cm and made it a bit narrower.

Browsing constantly though blogs and bra making groups, I saw many power bars and I thought they looked awesome! I came across this post and I thought, that looks easy enough, why not give it a try?!
I made a straight power bar from my lace fabric and added a bit of a strap extension to it. That went impressively well!👌

This time though I wasn't going to make the same mistake I made twice before! No more flimsiness 😏! This time, apart from the lace, my wings also have a layer of lycra and my band has 1,5cm plush (!) elastic everywhere!

I used different padding foam for this bra than for the other 2 bras, this one is around 5mm thick! Nice and soft and at the same time stable.👍

I do like how it turned out although I would have preferred only the bridge in lace and the rest of the cradle in the purple lycra.

Unfortunately I didn't have any matching little bows to cover up the non-matching thread and the sometimes sucky stitch-work 😜

Enough about the looks, now the fit!😏
Yea, what can I say... The band is on the lose side, not a biggie,  that could be fixed. The bridge, even though I made it shorter and narrower, it still floats some and refuses to lay completely flat.
The cups sort of fit... there is no visible spillage and it's not gaping anywhere, so the first assumption is that the fit nicely.
But the whole bra doesn't fit great... It's not staying put where it's supposed to, it's wiggling around and it feels like it's ''floating'' around my body... It doesn't feel comfortable but it doesn't feel uncomfortable either. Now that I'm thinking about it, it kinda fits like some RTW 75D bras fit me.

At this point I have no idea what's wrong or how I can fix it, but I'm pretty happy I can at least fit in this one and wear it!😁 And if it fits similarly to some RTW bras I guess I didn't do a bad job when it comes to construction this time!😁

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