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Friday, March 22, 2019

The Lotus bra: Wireless!?

I've been making bras like there's no tomorrow, mostly Mayas and a couple of self drafts (yes, I finally bought the bra makers manuals!😃).

I've been wanting to make a few sleeping bras but I don't want to try and draft one just yet. So instead, I've been looking at wireless bra patterns with some support. I mean, all the lacy little bralettes are beautiful but they're not exactly supportive.

I've had my eye on the Lotus bra for a while now, contemplating if it's the right sort of bra for me. I'm the kind of person who, when I buy a pattern, I want to make more than 1 item with it, maybe make a few variations e.t.c.

While visiting LilipaDesigns' site for the 10th time looking at the bra, I figured it was time to buy the pattern...!

With hesitation, I made my tester out of some rigid charmeuse and tulle, random elastics and leftovers. I pick my size following the pattern's instructions which put me at 34DD/BCD 10,3cm. The instructions I found quite detailed with drawings at every step. It also includes the sorts of fabric you should use for the pattern for cups and band and the stretch percentages. Looks good and easy to follow!

The only thing missing is instructions about cutting the bra slings, sort of fabric for the slings and if they're doubled up or not. You can however find all the information you need about slings and fabrics in this blog post ! I also asked Lily and she said that she prefers cutting the slings on the fold since this way you also get finished edges.

 So this is my test Lotus! It would have been even pretty dare I say except from the gothic arch 💩. This was my first attempt at a gothic arch and it shows... Oh well, at least this was a tester!

(Roxanne is going to be modeling all of the Lotuses since without a 'model', they look like pancakes due to the fact that there are no wires to hold em up!😋)

Do not look at that arch!💩


I like the way it turned out! I've been wearing it as a sleeping bra and I find it comfy. Although it isn't perfect... Something's off. Yea, it's missing some foam padding!😜

Lily made a beautiful variation of the pattern by adding padding to it and covered it with lace on top:

Beautiful right?💗

 Using this as inspiration, I decided to make one with foam as well 😏

I taped the cup pieces together (overlapping the seam allowances) and drew a lightly curved line where I wanted my foam cups to end. I then separated the pieces again, traced the new pattern pieces and removed the seam allowance from the cup seam (where the two cup pieces connect to each other). And tada!

I picked one of my not-so-favorite laces (I wasn't sure how it was going to come out so..😋) and my thinnest padding, (the plan was to use this one as a sleeping bra as well) black bra tulle and, well, black everything and put it all together!

It turned out so much prettier than I expected! Some of my stitching is wacky but luckily enough you can't see it, all black was my friend here!😅 I also figured after I finished that my thread wasn't black but deep blue...😩

I find that it looks too nice to use as a sleeping bra so I decided to try and wear a non-wired bra during the day, something that I haven't done for 20 years 😱!
Omg it is soo comfortable! And it looks beautiful too! I found the non-padded version a bit flattening for me but this one... Comfy and supportive, giving very nice shape and, on top of all that, so cute!💕

The gothic arch went much better this time!

Next up I'm going to be making another one with some self dyed materials! I need more of them Lotuses!💕