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Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Testing the Afi Chic bra pattern

So, the monthly makes thing, yea I'm too undisciplined for thatπŸ˜…

That doesn't mean I haven't been busy though!
Among other things that I've been making (including a new Facebook group for lingerie!)I had the chance of testing a new bra pattern, the Afi Chic from AFI Atelier !

Afi Chic

Package 1 has already been available for purchase for a while now but Ana has been busy with the bigger size range.

If you've been reading my blog, you know by now that I love the Maya bra pattern from AFI Atelier and I have made so many of them...! I've been using size 70G for the Maya so I assumed I need the same size in the Chic as well. I spoke with Ana and she said she'd sent me the same size as a starting point.

For the first bra, since I'm not just making a new bra pattern for myself, I'm testing it, I made it as is, no changes were made. I assumed that I would need to make the usual changes that I have to make on all purchased patterns for it to fit me perfectly, but I wanted to see how it was going to fit me/look out of the box. That's why I made the entire bra, excluding the wings of course, out of bra tulle and elastic scraps.

The cups looked good, no weird wrinkles or anything. The bridge was as expected, too high for me and a little wide, they are both common changes I have to make to all patterns. The underarm was also too high, also a common issue for me and there was something weird going on on the side seam  (it looks fine on Roxanne but what does she know, she ain't squashy at all...!). I spoke with Ana about the issues (she is always so quick and eager to help!), after I showed her the fit, we agreed on just making my usual changes and see how it looked/fit then.

So white tulle bra was made!

The cups fit great, the bridge was πŸ‘Œ but the underarm was still too high. The band still did some weird shit at the right side and right back side.
At that point we were both unsure about how to deal with it. Ana suggested I'd give it a break and she'd get back to me.

But I am an impatient one, so I went ahead and made another one but with foam padding this time. The only changes I made was to lower the underarm even more and straighten the bottom of the back band (the pattern piece has a curve to it).
And it's awesome!πŸ’•

This might be the most comfortable bra I own ( maybe even including the wireless ones but I'm a weirdo)! The weird band shit is mostly gone, the only thing that is happening with the band now is that, on the right side only, it's flipping up which didn't really bother me. Later on I noticed that the same flipping up situation is happening on other bras of mine as well... πŸ’. It might have something to do with my posture or my natural ''padding'' there, either way, it doesn't bother me, that's what it's all about, right? That you like and are comfortable with what you wear.

And then I found this fabric at a local store...

Initially I found the same fabric in gray, bought only a meter (or was it even half a meter?) to make a fun(ny) set for myself. I made a set from my self drafted bra pattern and it turned out πŸ‘Œ(you can have a look at it on my Instagram )! I made it a bit strappy and really liked it!

It was time to go in search for more of this fabric. At first I was disappointed that the gray was sold out but then I found this, the pink version! And I had to use is immediately...! I thought, I've now made the Chic in pretty lace and muted colors, how about I make another one but a lil bit louder this time? 😏

I changed nothing from the previous Chic I made, there was no need for any changes, it fits great! I did add strappies (like I did on my self draft, they are obviously not included in the pattern).

I don't think I have to talk about liking the pattern or not, I think I've already made it clear: Possibly the most comfortable bras I own with beautiful rounded shape. Also the fact that it only has vertical seams makes it much easier to fit, if any adjusting is needed in the cups.

What do you think? Quiet and lacy or loud and fun? πŸ˜‹ Which one is your favorite?

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