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Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Super warm sweater dress!

It's gotten cold outside so it's time to make something very warm and cozy!
πŸ’‘A fleece hoodie dress!Or at least it started as a hoodie dress...

A while ago I bought from Driessen (yes, them again!) 3 meters cobalt blue fleece to try out a coat pattern but I never got to it. So i figured, perfect for my project!

Searching for a pattern wasn't necessary since I 've found a very nice raglan sleeve hoodie dress in one of my magazines. The pattern is this dress from the January 2016 Knipmode issue:

Knipmode hoodie dress

Since I knew I'll need cord and cord stoppers, I ordered them online. Unfortunately when they arrived, the color didn't match at all 😞. So my hoodie dress would become a sweater dress instead,since I couldn't be bothered trying to find the right color πŸ˜‹.

I didn't mind since that makes it an easier dress to make. Quite a straight forward pattern, front, back sleeves and pocket pieces, no darts or anything so the only change I had to make was to bring the waist higher.I also added 2cm seam allowance on the side seams instead of 1 and later I decided I wanted it a bit looser so I used that extra cm.

I started with the pocket, basted it, stitched the openings at 1 cm and pinned my pocket to the front piece of my dress. Since my fabric is so thick and I want my topstitching to be visible and not disappear (it kind of did anyway though😢), I decided to use a thicker thread.  I also used a jeans needle no 90. Then I attached my sleeves to the front and back pieces, serged and topstitched on both sides of  my seams to add a bit more detail to the top part of my dress.

The pocket

Topstitched sleeve seam

Closing the side seams and sleeves, serging and off to the borders! I had this very dark blue rib knit fabric for cuffs e.t.c. which seemed like a good match.

Bottom border


 Now that the rest is done, I have to figure how I want to finish off my neckline. I was thinking about making a cowl with the fleece but that would probably be way to warm to wear in the house. So I went with my rib fabric. I didn't want a simple little border so I cut out a wide piece that was longer than the neck circumference and I started playing with that. And this is what It ended up looking like:

Finished neckline

And here's how my dress looks like:

(No, the hem isn't uneven, Roxanne wasn't standing straight!😑)

I'm happy with how it came out. Is it the prettiest dress I've ever made? Probably not but that isn't what I was going for, comfy and cozy it certainly is though!😌 Nice and easy pattern, if I make it again, I'll be adding the hood as well!πŸ’™

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