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Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Future plans and fun undies

I've been quite busy lately. I decided to keep my Instagram feed updated with all the new things I make, the new Facebook group (if you'd like to join us, just click here!) is also keeping me busy, some times more than others 😬.

I've also been busy drafting my own panty patterns and learning to grade them. The plan is in a few months to have developed, drafted and graded my own designs and be ready to fully open my own online lingerie shop!😊
The plan is to start small, with a couple of panty and bralette designs. I haven't yet decided the size range but I want to be able to offer more than the standard S-M-L sizing.
I already have some fabrics that I want to have in my collection and you might have already seen them here, in the blog! This is one of them!

 Searching and buying fabrics, elastics and trims is one of the most fun parts of it all, if you have the funds 😅! So to help fund my future plans, I put a couple (like literally, I have 3 at the moment!) bra/lingerie/panty kits for sale available in my to-be-lingerie shop on Etsy: Aurora's Tales! (Go and have a look!😃)

As said above, I have started drafting my own patterns and so far, I have 2 basic designs with which I've been playing with! Here are some of the panties I've made with them. Some of the fabrics used are just scraps or even upcycled clothing (for example the blue string is a t-shirt of mine I never really liked!). I try to minimize fabric and elastics waste by using scraps and scraps of scraps!😋

They say the best way to learn is by doing and ooh have I been doing the past year...! I have made so many bras and panties... They don't even fit in my drawer anymore...! I've gotten so much better and faster at it!

The first draft is of course the full panty aka granny panties! From there, I started playing with reducing the waist height and making higher leg cuts. I tried wearing the brief/bikini style versions and even though they fit me really well (yay me), I can't find them comfortable...!😑 So I made a couple cheeky versions and of course a string!

First up we have the granny panties!

The last one pictured was an idea of one of the members of the Facebook group. She cut out a little paper pattern for me, the whole panty is cut in one piece! There's a short seam and a long seam on the middle front and that's it! Great idea but for bigger sizes, the fabric 'wasted' is a lot.

What do you think? Do you have any favorites?😏

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