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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Slight change of plans and one more Maya!

So yes, my last attempts for a great fit didn't go that well... So I decided to stop using Bella Hendriks' book "Maatwerk lingerie en badkleding", it just didn't want to work with my figure! 💁
 I do know that eventually, with the right adjustments, I would have gotten a good fit but what's the point of making 100 changes when you can use another method and have a good fit with much less effort and wasted materials?

Since here in the Netherlands, if you want a degree in bra making you have to first have one in lingerie (at least with the system my teacher uses),  I got a book that includes everything! And by lingerie I mean bodies, nightgowns, robes, pajamas, camisoles, slips, e.t.c.,e.t.c. The book is of course in Dutch and it's called "Patroontekenboek Dameskleding en lingerie" and it's from Danckaerts (Sorry non-Dutch speakers 😏!). What's also very nice about this book is that it also includes clothing, so it basically has everything!

To be honest, I don't expect to become an expert bra maker with this book but that's ok, I get to learn lots of other things and techniques and in the process also learn how to draft my own clothing! Fortunately there are a few good English language bra drafting books that I can also use! I'm already planning on ordering Beverly Johnson's books anyway!😋

Ok, enough about all that for now, you're probably here to see this beauty:

What do you do after being disappointed a bunch of times and just want something pretty? Yes, another Maya!😋 I've tried other patterns, most of them just didn't do it for me, the Maya is just my favorite so far, so I keep making them!

I have changed nothing to my pattern since these 2 ,no reason to touch my pattern anymore since it's perfect! 

I used this beautiful lace that I bought a while ago from Amsterdam, white background with yellow flowers and green leaves.

I used my 6mm (yes, 6mm!) beige foam padding and covered it with the lace. For the frame I used beige 2-way stretch polyester lycra which I doubled for the back wings. My cradle was lined with rigid tulle. And of course a bit more lace on the bridge for some extra cuteness!💛

The fit is, as expected, perfect!💚 I'm very happy with it but I think I have enough Mayas now for a while 😋!


  1. That is one beautiful bra and an amazing lace you used!! I just downloaded some Maya bra sizes myself and hope I'll be as succesful as you!! Very stupid of me to have never tried it before, when it's completely free. Also thanks for the Danckaerts book tip, I'll add that one to my 'to buy' list too...�� Love your blog!!

    1. Thanks a lot! How awesome is the Maya! Good luck and if you need any help, I may be able to help!

    2. I'll surely take you up on that when I run into troubles.. Thanks a lot too! ��

  2. Hi, do you go up a size or two when using the foam?

    1. Hey Gill, I don't go up any sizes. I add an extra cm at my seam allowance (only where there is already seam allowance in the pattern) on all pieces of the foam cup pattern. That gives me enough space to compensate for the thickness of my foam. I don't know if that would work for everyone but it works fine for me!